Photographic Stills by William Hereford

Our friends at Kinfolk magazine remind us of photographer and director William Hereford. I remember watching a short video of his a year ago titled “Cooking Dinner” that came in the form of volume 1. I recall a lot of people leaving comments asking him to do more but I never saw anything surface, which is very much a shame.

Then all of sudden he’s been bobbing around again working for various food publications, this photography above and below is from his portfolio under the culture category. Really fitting since it all revolves around lifestyle, cuisine, relaxation and more, perfect for our website.

My favourite photos have to be the food shots, not sure why they satisfy me but the way that William shoots food is very appealing. Minimal, uniform, and simplistic, I know those three key words seem to crop up a lot in our posts. Scroll down for some of my favourites, there are plenty more like this on his webpage.


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