In Our Nature by Takashi Homma

A slightly different twist to our usual content today, it’s quite rare that we focus on books per se but I still think it’s a prevalent part in both of our lives. I’m a book worm and tend to collect a lot of design orientated books that not only feature content for my brain to absorb and learn from but also inspiration in other fields as well. This could be architecture, furniture making, photography, craft, I guess my life pretty much runs in tandem with this website here. Well it did start off as an inspiration blog and today it still holds those same values.

I wasn’t 100% pleased with the imagery that I put together here, just because it doesn’t give the book the justice that it deserves, it would of been better to have the full photography series on show. But you can’t have it all and I did my best to showcase this newly released book by Japanese photographer and all round artist Takashi Homma.

Takashi has won a few awards for his work and has even published a few books previously, particularly one back in 2006 titled “Tokyo and my Daughter”, which in my eyes was a stroke of genius. Really beautiful photography that not only showcased the culture in Tokyo but also the power of a father and daughter relationship. Very deep with great spirit.

This book is called “In Our Nature” and in some ways is a bit different compared to his other works that all feature an urban environment of some sort. This photography is not linked to pure nature as such but to what we humans conceive as nature to be, making you feel like there is a sign of life somewhere in the distance. A step away from normality.

There’s only 700 copies of this book, which is already pretty hard to find for a decent price. But you know what they say, quality doesn’t come cheap. The best place I found, which also sourced we with this wonderful photography, is on the Photo Eye bookstore which you can find by clicking the link below. This website also holds some more technical information about the book and its contents.


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