Set of Imagery from Vladimir Kostromitsky

As the nights get darker earlier and the weather takes a turn for the worse it can be a little depressing reflecting on the change of seasons. Rest assured though that nothing can keep us down for long, especially when we’re hosting so many talented creatives to help you pass the time with a smile.

The work of photographer Vladimir Kostromitsky did just that this evening for me, reminding us all that with the change of season brings a great deal of beauty we forgot existed while enjoying the summer months. These great winter shots brought me back to christmas day of last year as I embraced the untouched snow of the local nature park while listening to the Foals on loop.

Nature is such a remarkable entity that never ceases to amaze me through it’s ability to evolve into something new without ever losing it’s appeal. I love design but in all honesty as groundbreaking as any innovating product is to the human race I don’t think we can ever beat the simplicity and beauty of nature.

This is a bit of a late post, especially for our readers here in England, but I was really compelled to share a little of the joy I found in this set, I have to say it really lifted my mood. Things are moving gradually forward with the store and I’d just like to personally thank everyone for their continued support, it really does add fuel to the fire. I trust you’ve all had great evenings and I hope many of you will join us again in the morning as we finish off the working week.


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  • anne

    Love this – thank you for sharing!
    And compliments on your blog!

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