Further Imagery From Charlotte Bland

Charlotte Bland once again lifts the mood on this drizzly and disheartening day here in England with her photography which never fails to highlight the beauty in everyday life. I’m returning to her portfolio once again as I love the fact that her looks remind us all to see the brighter side of things, even on an ugly forecast of a day.

Fellow enthusiastic photographer and close friend to Charlotte, Brian Ferry seems to have held quite the influence on her style as she shoots candidly in these delightful lifestyle looks. I’m a big fan of how personal these images are, we are literally getting a slice of Charlottes social life which seems to be immersed in great atmosphere, good friends and fine dining.

Everything is so natural and ever so scenic, I love the light that flows through her photostream, it’s so soft and leaves her photos easy on the eye and crisp in the detailing. I don’t think I can recall too many other photographers that suits the style of analog photography better than Charlotte and Mr Ferry.

Both individuals understand the beautiful combination of texture and tone that traditional 35mm photography produces. If you’ve got some time to spare I would strongly recommend keeping up to date with both Charlotte and Brian.



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