Imagery From Miki Iwanaga

I’m bringing across one of my most favorite finds over at Flickr of recent times, this small set of photography captured and visually packaged by Japanese creative Miki Iwanaga. Within this collection of photography I found a great feeling of contentedness, I was pretty impressed with how stripped down these images are, leaving only the innocence and beauty exposed.

Nothing is there that doesn’t need to be, everything is concise and thought out, with a great range of texture and grain shown throughout the series. These works aren’t intrusive, loud or bold, and they don’t need to be either. The beauty of these frames is that they are what they are, they aren’t asking for attention but they receive it because of their great detailing.

Miki really does have bundles of talent, if she was to create any product in the future such as a publication or prints, I’d definably be checking my balance. Take the name placement in these images for example, which I usually hate to see, it’s so neatly presented and precisely thought out that I don’t really mind it, and in fact I think it adds to the overall feel of each image.

Don’t just take my word for it though, if you enjoy these head over to her website to see more for yourself!


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