Daughter’s Dream By Neil Sanders

Multi disciplined talent from Australia Neil Sanders uploaded his latest creation to the world, and I couldn’t stop myself from posting it up for you all to see. I’m always caught out by animations like this, it stops me in my tracks and makes me wonder how it was created, what went through the mind of the creative, and what inspired them.

An illustrator, designer, lecturer and animator from Melbourne, Neil is clearly someone rarely short of creative inspiration. Looking over on his Vimeo profile page it becomes evident that he likes to crawls sites searching for innovating and original works to feed his creative urge.

This piece is set to audio from Christian Jack Harvey Callaghan which fits the ever changing origami inspired project we have presented here. The short is quite vivid and dreamy while still holding a great structure overall, I’m pretty fond of it if I’m honest.

I’l be on the lookout for more from Neil Sanders in the future, I hope you do too!



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