Set Of Imagery By Delaney Allen

Rummaging through the endless supply of imagery over on Flickr late last night I stumbled upon the talents of Portland based visual artist Delaney Allen. His simplistic and subtle approach to photography really drew me in, and across his portfolio I found myself appreciating the set we have here above and below the most.

I have to say I was really impressed with his previous series, particularly his first book “above and below” which follows the narrative of the final year of a long distance relationship, i’d recommend taking a view of this if you haven’t already. Looking at what we had here and I loved the sense of peace and tranquility that Delaney had captured in his creations. All the landscapes look untouched and perfect, I’d imagine each view being incredibly relaxing to take in.

I had to include the top image as it’s so eye catching and was what originally drew me to Delaney’s work. The balance of colours and textures really sat well with me especially given creative and original aspects involved in the photo.


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