Set of Imagery from Marcos Rivas

In the midst of design led content recently we’ve not lost film photography as an influence amongst our ranks, it’s just projects have been few and far between on our radar. So for this reason I’m quite chuffed to present this set from Marcos Rivas who we are revisiting for a second time now, having shared his work with you all just under a year ago. Looking back into our archives it’s refreshing to see the development in Marcos creations as he’s refined the framing of his photos a little bit, and I think his ability to judge the lighting of his photos has improved also.

In our own office we have been collecting what seems like a mountain of film rolls as we look to add a bit of an independent feel to the online store that releases in February. I think this is exactly what film photography brings to the table, an heir of individuality as the tones and grain really do speak of character and a personal touch. I love the fact that Marcos has continued to use his online space as an open window to his world, as he consistently highlights the beauty in the everyday scenes around him.

So to those photography minded folks out there don’t worry we won’t be forgetting you in a hurry, film photography very much remains a medium close to our hearts. Rest assured we will keep our noses to the ground to bring you all a diverse selection of what we find inspiring on the internet. In the meantime you can admire a little extra from Marcos through the links below, and for those who can wait until February, we can promise a little film photography of our own.

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