Set of Imagery from Young and Hungry

Given it’s the time of year where food is a prominent thought on most of our minds I thought I’d match this within our content today, bringing across this delightful set of images from American photography duo “Young and Hungry”. The collective is made up of Dax Henry and Anais Wade who combined their editorial and fine arts industry experience to bring their clients work that is as considered as it is artistic.

I’ve brought these across really because it gives me the opportunity to touch upon a subject that is pretty close to my own heart. I’m talking about how we’ve all become a little disconnected from the food we consume and the overall process of what goes into what we eat.

Over a christmas eve dinner I recall one particular conversation I had with a few loved ones where I brought up the idea of both killing and eating an animal, which was met with quite strong opposing comments. It left me thinking how far we’ve become separated from the food cycle as a society, which is why I felt it was important to highlight a little of this here today.

I think the emergence of magazines like Kinfolk and their close competitors are helping to irradiate such an issue as their seems to be quite a following for these sorts of publications. The more we talk about food and get into the kitchen cooking, the closer we will return to the cycle of life. Which is why it’s great to see Dax and Anais connecting with Kinfolk creatively and providing some visual education in this wonderful set titled “Food, In The Field”.

I propose to you all that if you make one new years resolution this year it’s to accommodate the idea of getting closer to the food you consume. Why not go out and find your local butcher and baker, in my experience the produce is of better quality and at the same time you’re supporting your local community.


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