Seasons by Tatsuyasu Watanabe


These photos seem fitting considering the time of year, plus, it’s New Year’s day so we can all turn over a new leaf and think about any resolutions we have for the year ahead! Something I’d like to do myself, which I suppose sounds quite odd, is to get back to nature. I have a fantastic book by photographer Takashi Homma titled ‘In Our Nature’, which is a collection of photographs taken in a mixture of outdoor locations, those that haven’t been touched by man. I’m not sure why it’s so fascinating, but for some reason us humans fail to see the beauty in our natural environment, instead we’re trapped inside our heads. One of our more popular books in the shop is Encyclopedia of Flowers by Makoto Azuma, which has a similar approach in terms of content, some beautiful compositions of flowers and other plants, it’s almost like a piece of art!

I think that’s why Japanese photographer Tatsuyasu Watanabe appealed to me when I stumbled across his blog. He’s been working on a series titled ‘Season’ and has recently exhibited at a gallery in Japan, his blog for example showcases a variety of these and other photos from previous exhibits. So I decided to collect a few that showcase his natural surroundings and give you something to admire. Tatsuyasu Watanabe is a trained architect and works as a textile designer, which doesn’t really surprise me. You often find this design background with amateur photographers, they have a great eye for composition and work in a very elemental way.

These photos on the other hand just focus on the asymmetric beauty of nature itself. I picked out this quote last week from a book on Japanese architecture, “A modest beauty striving for something closer to nature than nature itself”. For me this sums up the series quite well, fitting as asymmetrical beauty is mimicked in the Japanese design philosophy. Tatsuyasu is examining the details and beauty of nature, those little moments that we take for granted.