New Feature with Photographer Hideaki Hamada


It’s a great pleasure to bring you this new feature with Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada. Hideaki is a creative that I’ve wanted to interview for a while, it’s only now that I’ve been able to get some of the translation issues smoothed out. Although Hideaki knows English, for the in-depth answers it became apparent that he would be better off answering in Japanese and having someone translate. My goal was to make the interview as interesting and inspiring as possible, so hopefully you’ll appreciate my leg work to get this together.

If you don’t know, Hideaki is a Japanese photographer based in Osaka, his photos have a very unique and organic feel. He’s most well-known for his series titled ‘Haru and Mina’ which documents the lives of his two children. Although this may seem like a one dimensional subject, in fact the photos captured highlight the simplicities and wonders of everyday life, producing pictures that never tire. I feel like in this interview Hideaki answered some important questions, especially those relating to different formats in photography and the future of his profession. I hope you enjoy his photography and will take away some of the quiet and charm from the images on the feature page. You can this interview by clicking the link below.

Click here to read our interview with photographer Hideaki Hamada →




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