Essential Forms by Pedro de Passos


One thing I always find remarkable is that many of the individuals we pick-up on seem to have very similar influences. Even in unusual ways, whether it be their outlook on life, cultural references, or the importance of certain creatives throughout their journey. It’s almost as if all these dots connect in strange ways, all channeling towards a similar aesthetic. I’m sure designers pick up on this quite often, there’s so much content on the web these days it’s hard not to be pigeonholed in to a particular category. Saying that, I do try my best to showcase a variety of topics here to keep things fresh and thought provoking.

Photographer Pedro de Passos sparked some real motivation in me, to actually get out and capture light and shape in unusual ways. Instead of looking at something for what it is, how can you photograph something artistically and in a way that inspires. It’s a closet dream of mine to travel around the globe viewing some of the most iconic architecture, maybe even following the path of my favourite architects such as Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier. For now I have this simple series to admire by Pedro which takes small snippets of builds and showcases them in unusual ways. The shapes are geometric and Pedro says his work is influenced by the Dusseldorf School, pure shapes that are often abstract in their nature. You could refer to what we can see as modernist, using clear and precise lines, but framed so you only see a portion of the interior or exterior. You have to use your imagination to make up the rest of the structure.

Based in Oporto, Portugal, Pedro has a varied education, graduating in visual arts and photography, later studying architecture and finishing a masters in design and art for public spaces. All of these foundations have now led the way for future works in those fields, offering a cross pollination of ideas and concepts. To be honest, now more than ever, I think it’s important for all creatives in any field to have all these experiences and processes running through their mind. Sometimes to achieve the best possible solutions in life you need to look to the most unusual sources. I hope you enjoy this abstract photography and will go over to Pedro’s website to see more.










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