Places for Life by Fulvio Osenigo & Alessandra Chemollo


When photography and architecture mix you often get fantastic results, usually it’s these functional forms conveyed in an artistic way that really speak volumes. This series of photographs that I picked out today by Fulvio Osenigo & Alessandra Chemollo really do capture the essence of movement in architectural spaces, and not just contemporary builds but also those with historical significance. Coincidently, a lot of their architectural photography has this theming, a tendency to lean towards the basic concepts in architecture. Two of the prime candidates are Louis Kahn and Carlo Scarpa, who both feature in the Osenigo Chemollo portfolio quite heavily. These architects took inspiration from all ages of mankind, and in my view this is what made them so special and unique as designers. Really it’s all about movement, directing humans and being effective in the usage of a space.

Although quite the mixture in terms of location and material, all of these photographs have that human element in common. They make me think about a few a points in regards to architecture and design. The scenery for example instantly makes you recall a certain archetype or mental image that’s almost programmed in our mind. The third picture from the top with the parent leading the child towards the open land ahead, very poetic indeed. Even the nuns in the corridor with the light bellowing in could be associated with a certain set of thoughts, it has that religious element with the light being a symbol of spirituality. Anyway, I could be looking quite deep, but I think all of these little details can change our perception on the world around us.

I would like to also mention the ‘breathtaking’ or unexplainable feeling that you get walking around and inside such magnificent buildings. It’s almost mesmerising, as if the mind can’t think of anything else but be in that particular moment. You could class it as a state of full awareness of your surroundings, that’s one of the most powerful things in architecture in my opinion, it brings your mind back ‘home’. I hope you admire these photographs and next time contemplate some of these broader concepts that could apply in some way to your own work. For more photography of stunning builds by architects like Tadao Ando, Louis Kahn and Carlo Scarpa I recommend browsing their website on the link below, you’re sure to find some beautiful imagery. Both Fulvio Osenigo & Alessandra Chemollo have a unique way of capturing these brief moments in time.








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