João Canziani Photographs the Family Home of Architect Ray Kappe

Rummaging through the internet late last night I found myself admiring the work of two creatives in one project, the first being Californian architect Ray Kappe and the second photographer Joao Canziani. I actually found this wonderful set that explores the family home of Ray Kappe sitting within the arcives over at Dwell, which as always is the perfect stop for any design enthusiast in need of a little added inspiration. Remarkably the home that we are admiring today was constructed in 1967, which is particularly refreshing when you consider how modern and contemporary this home still looks.

This multi level master piece is wonderfully balanced in the fact that on the face of the design it’s open and free flowing, yet a closer look denotes quaint spots tucked away for that added privacy when you want to hide away and read for example. The most notable feature according to Joao will unfortunately require a little imagination on your part, but if you can picture coming up the enclosed stairway into the vast open space of the main dwelling for the first time, apparently the impact is rather memorable.

Even without using your imagination this home really is impeccable throughout, it surely must gift it’s owners a clear mindset each and every morning, being so intune with the surrounding nature. No room found here is without it’s accompanying abundance of natural light which keeps the house looking young, rejuvenated, and above all timeless. To learn more about this beautiful home I’d urge you toward this text found at the Dwell webpage, whilst we haven’t gone into as much depth here, I couldn’t help but add this project into our own growing archive.


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  • Will

    Absolutely stunning. I love how open it is, yet certain areas are secluded enough to feel cosy.

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