Photography Series From Viktor Gårdsäter

We are heading back to Sweden once again today, through the work of creative photographer Viktor Gårdsäter who’s appearing for the second time on our platform. This post revolves more around a series with a singular concept, giving us a bit of a contrast to his work that we’ve posted previously which was more of an overview of his portfolio.

Both myself and Mark are big believers in supporting those who continually create inspiring work and Viktor definitely falls into that category. While we strive to bring you new creatives each day, I think it’s equally as important to continue to support those that deserve a little extra coverage. It’s always rewarding when you can build relationships with the creative characters we cover as well as our loyal readers.

The whole idea behind this piece derived out of a handful of thoughts Viktor had on the way he viewed fashion and how this world influenced his perception of a piece of clothing. Trends are something we try to ignore if we can, however it’s interesting to see these visual aids presented by Viktor that question them.

I guess what Viktor is effectively asking his audience is why do we make the choices that we do in our wardrobe and how much are we are influenced by outside entities. I’m loving the fact that his works are not only beautifully structured and shot but they also convey such meaning and thought. Head over to his webpage for a little more if you enjoy these, I really recomend it, I’m quite a fan.


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