Set Of Photography By Viktor Gårdsäter

Browsing through various portfolios this morning my attention was brought to the observational style of Swedish based photographer Viktor Gårdsäter. His approach to capturing the world around him really resonated with me, the scenes he creates are packed full of character and charm, and are always beautifully shot in a traditional format.

You can instantly tell that Viktor lives and breathes what he creates because to capture the majority of these frames you would have to had been carrying a camera with you everywhere you go. I love the fact that these are not staged or set up, highlighting the fact makes you realize the measure of talent that Viktor has, he has waited for the perfect moment and movement of his subjects before releasing the trigger.

There is such a vast range of locations found in his portfolio which tells me that Viktor is somewhat of an explorer, always searching out new and inspiring canvases for his work. Even in the handful of work we have here the settings are so diverse, but the captivating content always remains consistent. His works are so very inspiring to me personally, if you would like to enjoy more photos from Viktor Gårdsäter head over to his web page via the link below.


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