Latest Imagery From Randy P Martin

Those visiting on the regular will undoubtedly know that Randy P Martin is one of my favorite photographers, the rule is that he shares new work and I bring it across here for us all to enjoy. I promise I will stop when Randy quits capturing such inspiring and eye pleasing looks, his photography always leaves me grinning.

Traveling around provides him with the perfect platform to source out these fantastic locations, then everything else is down to his meticulous composition and eye for natural beauty. The one thing that always catches me when viewing Randy’s work is his ability to present somewhere new thats as equally pleasing on the eye, something that I haven’t seen before.

His works take you places you can’t see unless you up and leave, viewing his imagery takes you away from the noisy city and into something more imaginative and atmospheric. I really hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do, if you’ve not come across the work of Randy previously I would recommend taking a look at his photostream.