Set Of Imagery By Yataro Matsuura

Writer, Editor and Bookseller Yataro Matsuura invites us in to enjoy some quaint little elements within his home in this wonderful collection of imagery that he has been sharing with his followers on Flickr. Based out of Japan, Yataro likes to live by simplistic values, he explains on his blog page that “it does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop”. This really struck a chord with me when I came across it, I always try to step away from what I’m doing and look at the bigger picture, life is about longevity and if something is worth doing then it’s worth spending time developing it.

In all honesty I was drawn to this set by the great sense of minimalistic living portrayed within it. I love the vast amounts of clean white space which have been combined with some really nice items, which hold great charm and character. I think stripping down your living space and keeping only what you need helps you to keep an uncluttered mind, so promoting this set was a bit of a no brainer for me.

Just through taking a view into Yataro’s living space you can tell that he is a creative, he looks to run against the grain and find alternatives to the conventional way of decor and living which is refreshing and inspiring to see. I’ve not come across his photography before but you get the impression he gets a great deal of enjoyment in sharing slices of his world, if you’ve got a moment I recommend heading over to his profile and taking a view of what else he has to offer.


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