Stoke by Stroke – Light Mark by Japanese Artist Kazuki Nakahara


Probably one of the most interesting things about finding creatives for the blog is their contrasting backgrounds and unusual forms of education. Kazuki Nakahara learned Japanese calligraphy from his father who works as a professional calligrapher in Japan. He learnt the rules of handwriting and expression from the different forms of Japanese characters, sometimes practicing all day long to perfect the shapes and sizes.

This series titled ‘Light Mark’ is created using simple means, just a pen on paper. Without using a ruler he repeats lines at the same angle and direction, the lines form a natural curve leading to a geometric form. For him it’s all about the meditative process of drawing, stroke by stroke he tries to repeat the same line with the same quality.

There’s no doubt that Kazuki also favours mathematics in his work, enjoying his arrangements and trying to express rhythm within a solid shape. Here, if you look up-close, you can see the patterns waving inside the circles and squares. Overall a simple series that struck a chord with me, to see more head on over to Kazuki’s portfolio.