Cut Paper and Silkscreen – Mixed Media Artworks by Chad Kouri

Cut Paper and Silkscreen - Creative Artworks by Chad Kouri 1
A Playscape for Shapes, 2013

I’ve been hunting for some work that’s both free and expressive, and today I think I’ve really hit the jackpot. I was lucky enough to come across these fantastic mixed media prints by Chicago-based creative Chad Kouri. Chad experiments with flat colours and forms to create unique compositions using a number of different mediums. His use of vivid colour is inspired by old magazines, especially images from when they first started printing in colour, these are saturated and have helped Chad to transition from purely graphic design to something more art based.

One thing that inspires me the most about Chad is that he’s not afraid to make mistakes, which pushes him out of his comfort zone and enables him to produce exciting and unusual work. I’m sure for every print that we’re admiring here there’s many others that haven’t quite worked, trial and error is the natural process of any good creative. I also like the fact that he utilises methods beyond the normal studio practices of “traditional” artists.

These specific prints seen above and below are from a body of work that he’s been making throughout 2013, all feature cut paper and silkscreen on bristol board. The simple methods are refreshing and hopefully inspire you to step outside that safe zone and open your mind to different mediums besides the one that you already specialise in.

Spectacles in Space, 2013

Art for Art’s Sake, 2013

Up & Up, 2013

Whatever You Want It to Be, 2013

An Unstable Vessel, 2013

Shaping Up, 2013

A Sophisticated Balancing Act, 2013

A Beautiful Love Letter, 2013

Turn & Burn, 2013

The Great Shape Cityscape Escape, 2013


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