Collecting Patina – Vases by Anna Varendorff of ACV Studio

One under appreciated element of design is the ageing process. Industrial designers tend to let go of an object in a ‘perfect’ condition and fail to respect the fading version and what happens as the years roll on. Not Anna Varendorff though, a Melbourne-based artisan who crafts vases and other objects for the home from metal.

I’ve been especially taken aback by her ‘U’ and ‘Circle’ Vases that offer a fresh, modern take on an Ikebana style vase. Of course, there’s real purpose and utility in the forms but they still have a beautiful amount of character. For example the small bud vases that can be hung on a wall. The surfaces on these pieces are slightly uneven and bent out of shape giving them a unique character that deflect the light beautifully.

We all know that these will only get better with age. At first what might start off as a fairly bright and demanding object will tone down with time and become one with the environment. This kind of design can only be achieved effectively by someone who is devoted to their craft and knows the exact intricacies of the material in their hand. With this in mind we can make lasting design that’s not just for now but also for the future, just like Anna Varendorff has done here with her work at ACV Studio.


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