Twisting & Looping – Handcrafted Steam Bent Wood Lighting by Tom Raffield

One man who should be looked up to as a great inspiration is Tom Raffield. His company has it all, not only beautiful creativity and fine craftsmanship but also sustainable qualities running at the core principle of his self-titled project.

Using traditional steam bending techniques Tom has designed this fantastic series of wooden lighting at his studio in Cornwall. The work is visually impressive thanks to the large looping and twisting elements in each design, an aesthetic that’s been transferred over to his furniture and homeware design. Working with such a technique has made him think outside the box on how this can be used to achieve a coherent message across the board.

The result are these pieces that in many ways remind me of tree roots that wrap and flow, speaking to the simplicity, beauty and harmony found in nature. It’s also fantastic to see how Tom has been able to construct a great team of craftsmen giving him the ability to work solely on the design of each piece and give this philosophy the possibility of reaching a wider audience through modern design. This is what ‘timeless’ truly means.