Photography by Frank Brinsley

I found photographer Frank Brinsley on my travels through Flickr, and i was thoroughly impressed by what i saw. His compositions and colour choices are immaculate, often taking photos of the unusual or of beautiful pictures’ landscapes. Frank uses a variety of cameras (which i will list below), from old to new, mainly working with manual control. This DIY approach gives all his work an extra aspect, i especially like the top picture of the triangular shack. Such a quirky little image, showing perfect balance with the tree’s, and a good tone of colouring.

Cameras used – agfa super isolette, canon ae-1p, canon g11, diana mini, hasselblad 500cm, holga 120n, imperial mark xII, olympus xa, rolleiflex planar 2.8c, vivitar pn2011, vivitar uws

Frank Brinsley Stream –