Photography by Jaime Beechum

Some fantastic imagery taken by San Francisco based photographer Jaime Beechum. This isn’t the first that we’ve showcased work from an individual based in San Francisco. There seems to be a massive creative movement going on there at this moment in time, it’s quite impressive to see the vast amount of work turning up from photographers, illustrators, and designers a like.

Jaime has quite a variety of photographs on his portfolio, so it was particularly hard to pick out a nice selection without ending up with about 40 left to choose from. So I chose seven that resonated with me, but for a wider selection I’d recommend just popping by his portfolio website after reading this, definitely worth your while.

I know Jaime shoots on a Mamiya 7 which is an incredible camera, not only does the camera create a nice tone Jaime has a real talent for shooting intimate moments or finding an obscure setting, mostly by chance. For example you can see a fantastic selection of honey perfectly sitting infront of a picture of a bee, I thought this was genius. I als love the lighting and how everything is vivid and upbeat but at the same time quite experimental. Jaime is one to keep an eye on, view my favourite photos from his vast portfolio below.