Set of Imagery from Caitlin Van Horn

I’ve really enjoyed browsing through Caitlin Van Horn’s page this evening, in fact her wonderful foodie images have been making my mouth water a little. She started her charming little blog “Roost” over a year ago when herself and her husband embarked on a specific carbohydrate diet free of gluten, grain, sugar and dairy in aid of healing the Crohns disease that her husband had developed.

Working by day as a graphic designer Caitlin has cultivated the site on the side and has been doing a remarkable job of it to say the least. Through the site she aims to educate her readers of the benefits of embracing a grain free lifestyle, and with such impeccable imagery it’s hard to resist reading on a little and learning what Roost is all about.

I’d really recommend heading over and seeing for yourself what Caitlin and her page has to offer, there’s a wonderful array of diverse and tasty recipes on show. No doubt the visual prompting we have above and below is all most of us will need.


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