Photography by Trevor Triano


It’s great connecting with like-minded individuals, other creatives that have exactly the same aesthetic as what we talk about here on the site and work to a similar style. One such person, who I got talking to this week, was Trevor Triano, a photographer based in Aspen but usually spends a lot of his time in New York. His works are both inspiring and varied, covering a lot of areas in the photography field. This is something that’s been interesting me quite a bit lately, it seems to have come up in my mind many times about progression and the way that you can excel in different creative sectors, such is life I guess, we’re always learning and progressing.

Since I don’t necessarily come from a photographic background, everything that I’ve learnt has been self-taught, such as through online searches, or just figuring it out on my own with a digital and film camera. It seems like Trevor has this particular style about him as well, something that’s quite natural which makes him unique overall. Although I don’t want to put anyone in a box, you could liken Trevor’s works to some other photographers that I admire, like Brian W Ferry, see our interview with him here, or someone like Olga Bennet, who we’ve featured many times in the past. They both take cracking lifestyle imagery, from interiors to landscapes, all are pretty much shot with natural light and on a film camera. So you instantly get that feeling of being there, and a sudden warmth comes through with the grain and uneven lighting. As you can tell, I am a massive fan.

The good thing is Trevor has an abundance of imagery to look through, from his portfolio website with lots of interesting series, to his Tumblr page that features ‘off the roll’ type shots, and a Flickr account that’s regularly updated. So to be honest you can’t really go a miss with all these different sites to inspire, I’ve made sure that I’ve bookmarked them all for future reference! Hopefully you’ll enjoy these above and below and you’ll head on over to see more, you certainly won’t be disappointed.









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