Set of Imagery From Sebastian Schramm

German Photographer and Designer Sebastian Schramm’s observational approach to life is something you can’t help but take note of and admire when viewing his photographic pieces. I think it’s fair to say that Sebastian takes quite a lot in from his surroundings and pays particular attention to the well designed aspects his eyes come across, whether it be a pattern on the wall or the way the light filters through a window.

He’s very particular about the composition and the shapes that his photos contain, there always seems to be one area of the photo he looks to emphasize with his framing, while still holding a great feeling of an overall scene. His photos seem so precise and constructed but never hold a rigid or uninteresting element, there is a nice combination of textures and colours which means he can pull of this simplistic yet sophisticated style.

When Sebastian isn’t photographing scenes like we have above and below he is a great lover of capturing weird and wonderful objects he finds in his day to day life. Although often these are a little random their is never a dull moment when browsing through his page, he seems to always be searching for that original look which is both refreshing and inspiring to see.


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