Nobody Series By Andrea Tonellotto

We see some nice pastel tones in this collection of work titled Nobody crafted by Italian creative Andrea Tonellotto. At first glance I thought these were artworks but I later discovered they were a series of Polaroids that Andrea had captured in his homeland. Throughout the collect we see a minimalist view of a deserted yet beautiful town, with several quaint buildings and structures hand painted in a traditional fashion.

There is a nice use of lighting found within this set with Andrea selecting a time of day where the sun is directly above, casting some subtle shadows which adds a nice depth to the photos found above and below. I’m pretty fond of Andrea’s framing too which emphasizes the various shapes found within each structure, I think the block colour adds to this too and reminds me alot of the early work by Joseph Albers and his colour theories.

I’ve included a couple of my favorites here but for those wanting to take a browse through the rest of the collection they can be found tucked away on Andrea’s Flickr page via the link below.