Photography by Michael Graydon

I’ve been feeling a little guilty about the lack of photographers that I’ve brought across here recently, so I’m attempting to make amends today with this collection from one of my new found favourites, Michael Graydon who’s based in Toronto. One thing that I’m not really a fan of, particularly with photographers work, is doubling up portrait images to showcase their projects. Admittedly I’ve been a culprit of this before but I didn’t really want to do this with Michael’s work, so after casually checking back now and then I’ve managed to piece together this great little set today which works as a superb introduction to his portfolio.

Michael primarily captures a lot of interior and dining type scenarios with a selection of bohemian styled homes the reason I initially began scouring his website. His selection of projects is quite diverse however and although I enjoyed many images with a dash of scandinavian character like we often share, I was drawn to this set below that’s a bit darker in tone and rather more candid in approach. I just love the atmosphere that these images present, the candescent lighting provides another dimension that helps emphasise the choice colours that are found within the frame.

He refers on his website to two defining moments that helped him become the photographer that he is today, the first being while on vacation at sixteen his father handing him his old Pentax Spotmatic which he became fascinated by. With the second being the time he spent in London in his mid-twenties, where he assisted some of the top photographers in the capital. After refining his style here he returned to Toronto where he opened his own studio, a short walk from his house. If you’ve got the time and you enjoy what we have here I’d really recommend heading across to see what else Michael has to offer, I trust you wont be disappointed.


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