Erik Wahlstrom photographs Jockum Nordstrom’s Studio

I thought I’d start the week with a little photography as I’ve been browsing countless photographers portfolios this weekend, it’s always nice to check back and see what everyone’s been up to. I came across Swedish photographer Erik Wahlstrom last March thanks to the collaborative project he put together for Nowness which followed chef come artist Massimo Bottura. Upon revisiting Erik’s portfolio I stumbled across this great series in which he captured artist Jockum Nordstrom’s studio, a space that reminded me somewhat of the creative chaos once found in Pablo Picasso’s work space.

I’m sure there is method found underneath the madness however as we get a brief glance at the artist in full flow, with what looks like several projects ongoing at the same time. For those of you who haven’t come across Jockum previously he is also Swedish and is recognised predominantly for his collages, paintings, drawings and sculptures which are often influenced by folk art and a bohemian style. His works can be found in New York’s Museum of Modern Art within the public collections so as an artist he has already established himself on the international stage, hopefully this series provides a little context to the individual behind the work, for those of you who have admired his creations in the past.

Part of me was tempted to amalgamate Erik’s set with a series of Jockum’s artwork but I decided in the end that those of you curious to see more will do so afterwards anyway. In the meantime hopefully this collection of imagery entices a few of you to take up a new creative project or idea that you haven’t tried before. From my own experience seeing others being creative is the perfect antagonist to motivate and get inspired, so with this in mind I’d urge you to head across to photographer Erik Wahlstrom’s webpage to see more.