Division & Growth – Segmentation Series by South Korean Artist Jiyong Lee


An incredible series by South Korean artist Jiyong Lee, a glass sculptor who now lives and works in Carbondale, Illinois. Throughout his career he has won numerous awards, also teaching around the world and sharing his skills with fellow glass artisans. This collection that was finalised in 2015 really inspired me, so I wanted to highlight it here for you to enjoy as well.

Titled ‘Segmentation’, this series is inspired by his fascination with the journey of a cell, starting with a single cell and going through a million divisions to become a life. Using the transparency and translucency of glass, alongside creating segmented sections of glass, he was able to simulate many of the symbols that we associate with a cell.

This concept of taking inspiration from nature is inspiring for me. Although these forms are actually very complex in material and production, amazingly Jiyong Lee has been able to make them with a clean aesthetic that cuts straight to the point. I’m in awe, and I hope you are too. More like this can be seen on his website linked below.