Constellations of the Organic – Creative Collages by French Artist Alma Charry


Alma Charry is an artist that I’ve come back to many times before. Her drawings speak for themselves. Rooted in simplicity, she uses simple shapes and colours to convey meaning. I did some research on abstract art over the weekend, and how humans don’t actually need to see objects or shapes that they understand to convey feeling or mood. For me, abstract art is a bit like a game, depending on the person it can have a completely different meaning. It’s also interesting to see if your own interpretation matches up to that of the artist.

The Parisian artist stood out for her minimalist approach, but I was especially captivated by her mixed media projects, which often involve coloured card and paper. Some of these shown here are a mixture of drawing and paper, but a few are from a new series called ‘land’ that are staged canvases of sorts. She uses standing pieces of cards at different distances to create a grouping, almost as if they were painted.

This experimentation is inspiring to see and reminds me of the importance of transcending your medium, so to speak. It’s great to master one area, but to step outside the box and explore your work from another perspective is just as important and is somewhere where you can gain knowledge. Anyway, I’ll leave you with these fantastic works by Alma Charry. She’s a young artist, but she’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Enjoy.