Kinfolk Magazine, A Guide for Small Gatherings

I found this new publication titled Kinfolk through our good friend Brian Ferry, a contributor of issue number one. Kinfolk is a collaboration between a community of artists who all have an interest in small gatherings. Whether it be sharing a table with friends, spending time with family and friends, or just a general all round appreciation for art and design. Kinfolk looks to cover these sorts of topics in their format.

What I really like about the editorial is the simplicity and the short snippets, the photography is also uncomplicated and very natural. You can’t ask for more of an eye pleasing magazine. Here I have collected up some imagery from the first issue and have also showcased a short promo of the whole concept produced by VsTheBrain. Head over to the Kinfolk website now to view the magazine online.


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  • Gillian Banks

    Looks a nice publication but doesn’t their blog page highly resemble the blog page over at the Inventory Magazine website? Seems a shame to have a nice publicaiton and then go and steal another website design. Kind of lowers their credibility. Still, guess thats the web for you.


  • Mark Robinson

    I can see the resemblance, grid based layouts are all the rage I suppose … Still, I like the content and think the list of contributors is great.

  • Luisa Brimble

    Kinfolk Magazine totally rocks! love it.

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