Works by Jens Reinert

The work of Jens Reinert really caught my attention this morning as I shifted through a variety of websites and portfolios. Specifically his architectural prototypes that offer a unique perspective on structure and form.

Jens is educated as a Graphic Designer and build models of every situations, to visualize and to clarify simple spatial phenomena. His models recreate rooms and buildings, often to an exact degree. By selecting not to substantially alter his reconstructions, Jens wants to draw people’s attention to everyday situations.

“For example, the entrance area of an old supermarket. By entering and exiting through one of four swing doors, the customer is ushered through a uniquely formed passageway. The model allows the observer to – in a glance – take in a familiar scene. In doing so, it will make him conscious of it next time he passes through such an environment.”

Brilliant if you ask me, and I’m pretty taken a back by the photography itself on his portfolio website. So check that out as well.


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