New in the Shop – OEN Issue 1 is Now Available to Pre-Order Online

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a good rest and were able to think about some of the creative goals that you would like to pursue in 2019. I’m really excited to go ahead and venture into uncharted waters.

Due to the nature of the web and it being a free source of expression I never thought of pushing this project to print. I always found it intriguing how print was held in such high regard. It’s been approximately 10 years of writing on the web about interesting topics and sharing stories, but still, a book seemed like a shiny object in the distance.

It wasn’t until last month when I received the first sample of our book that it really struck me the reasoning behind this. I think there’s something about being engulfed in a book that gives topics much more meaning and potential. For this reason I’m really excited to showcase our first ever book that’s now available to pre-order in the shop before the full release later this month.

I wanted to give our readers first news about the book and offer a discounted price before we release it. Without your support this project wouldn’t have been possible. I hope to make this in to a series and possibly publish one book a year. Our focus in Issue 1 is in many ways architectural, the foundation from which design is built upon.

More detail can be read in our product description on the shop linked below. I’m excited to share the book, but also nervous at the same time as it’s our first time venturing in to this area. I hope you have a great weekend and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Click here to pre-order OEN Issue 1 in the shop →


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