Set Of Stills From Aled Lewis

For those who remember the previous wit of creative Aled Lewis, he’s back with us again showcasing a fantastic little series of comical still life that he’s created. Taking inspiration from various movies such as Jurassic park and Scarface, Mr Lewis has recreated various famous quotes through the medium of tiny plastic characters he’s rounded up.

This is all very tongue in cheek and lighthearted which I think sometimes you need a little of to deal with the stresses life can sometimes bring. When looking into the construction of the series however these are pretty well designed in my opinion it’s obvious Aled has taken great care when creating these.

The choice of typography really works for me in this cartoon style setup, It gives the series a little bit of a crafted handmade feel which is pretty easy to appreciate, being quite kind on the eye. I think my favorites are narrowed down to the Jurassic few having recently revisited the classic not too long ago, I think Aled has done the blockbuster justice in this comical series.

Head over to his portfolio page for a little more of his work, If you’re a fan of this sort of humor I’d say he’s one to follow.


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