Three Gorges by Xiao Zhang

I was heavily inspired this morning by this series by Xiao Zhang titled Three Gorges. Born in Shandong province, China, Xiao graduated in 2005 as an architect, who has now moved on to become a freelance photographer.

What really struck me when viewing this series, and his work in general, was how much humour was portrayed in his photography. Actually it’s either tipping one way on the scale or the other, either humorous or quite serious. Which i thought was really different to what other photographers were doing out there.

I also found that his work was staged, not in a bad way but in a way that was ironic and lighthearted. For example the bride in the series, who is walking down the beach in a wedding dress, travelling away from a big vessel or navy boat.

Interestingly, i felt various different emotions whilst shifting through his portfolio. When the photos were loading, I was looking for the next surprise or hidden agenda. I tried to pick out some of my favourites, but for the full effect head over to his website.


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