Fluid & Dynamic Work by Sculptor Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

Blanco K and J and Negro I by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

I’m lucky enough to live quite close to the Henry Moore foundation, and have been inspired by his deconstructed forms placed in nature. As someone who takes a particular interest in the making and development phase of any creative endeavour, Henry Moore’s studio is very revealing and is an obvious clue to where his inspiration derives from. Especially when you browse all the objects in his house, most notably the bones, tusks, fossils and other natural forms that he collected.

As one does when they’re inspired by a particular style, I often pick out sculptors who’re on a similar wavelength in terms of inspiration. Take for example Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson, a British artist living in Barcelona, where her work is not only abstract but also minimal and stripped down to the purest sense. For her it’s all in the details, making architectural structures that have little to no boundaries, those that are fluid and dynamic.

Although architectural in terms of their presence, you can tell the theme running throughout is linked to nature itself. The shapes may be recognisable as natural objects or even animals, such as fossils, abstract birds and the like. Overall a fantastic range of work by Sophie, I certainly recommend viewing her portfolio and analysing her unique style. Enjoy.


Negro G, Ceramic Sculpture by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

Negro 2 and Blanco 2, Ceramic Sculpture by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

Blanco N & Negro S, Dry Pure White Resin and Deep Black Resin by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

Negro 8 & Blanco 6, Ceramic Sculpture by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

Blanco N5, Ceramic Sculpture by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

Blanco F in Powdered White Marble Resin by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson


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