New at OEN Shop – A Selection of Natural Wooden Bowls by Kihachi Workshop

As a follow up to our pre-order post regarding the woodworks of Kihachi Workshop we have been able to receive a new shipment of vessels from them. I’m pleased to introduce three new styles and some updated pictures of the current range as the previous photos were captured almost one year ago. It’s crazy how time flies!

This will probably be our last shipment for approximately one year and some of them are already running low thanks to those who secured the pre-orders before the new shipment came in to stock. One thing I always marvel at when I receive new objects from Kihachi is the simplicity in them and beautifully thin, light forms that they are able to achieve. In some sense they don’t feel handmade, but to know that they are and to see the natural grain is really special.

It’s a great feeling that we are able to bring you these and offer an outlet for this kind of expression through wood as a material. If you’re interested in these works then they have now been updated and can be purchased in the shop via the link below.

Click here to shop new works by Kihachi Workshop →


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