Paintings in Glass – Infusions by American Glass Artist Jamie Harris


The concept of merging colour, texture, even material has become quite a theme here on the blog. I’ve always been captivated by structure and flat colour, which are important ingredients in abstract art, but I also like the unpredictability of the different medium the artist is specialising in. Previously I wrote about the beeswax canvases by Jessica Sanders, well this series by American glass artist Jamie Harris was on a similar wavelength.

Titled ‘Infusions’, they are blocks of clear glass in which colour is added to create the appearance of liquid-like forms. Jamie achieved this by playing with translucency, with his goal being to capture the same movement that he sees of glass at 2,000 degrees. To produce them he combines bubbles of glass in a mould and cools them in a kiln. Once they are heated back up to their top temperature the pieces slowly melt in to one another, which leads to these beautiful abstract paintings made from glass.

I think this collection encapsulates Jamie’s skill, he’s able to push on from pre-existing ideas in the world of glass, combining many techniques to create something completely unique. Here’s a few pieces from his portfolio that grabbed my attention, but there’s plenty more to see and his work and career are certainly inspiring. Enjoy.