Suspended Beauty – Mobile Series by Lappalainen

Mobile Series by Lappalainen 1

The captivating allure of kinetic sculpture, where art meets motion, finds a contemporary echo in the work of Lappalainen. Nestled in an old industrial building in Hanau, near Frankfurt, this creative workshop draws inspiration from the legendary Alexander Calder, known for pioneering the art of mobiles. Calder’s legacy, rooted in infusing beauty, warmth, and a touch of whimsy into modern spaces, resonates deeply with Lappalainen’s creations. Rivka, with her rich background in art history, and Wilfrid, a classically trained silversmith, blend their expertise to continue this enchanting tradition of crafting mobiles that dance with air, bringing a lively yet serene dynamic to any environment.

At Lappalainen, each mobile is a narrative of balance and elegance, handcrafted from inception to completion. The process is a careful choreography of art and craftsmanship, beginning with sketches transforming into delicate metal shapes. Wilfrid’s silversmithing skills shine as he meticulously hammers and shapes the wire, constructing the mobile’s intricate framework. The act of soldering and polishing each piece is not just about achieving a flawless finish but about capturing the light and allowing the mobile to move with a graceful, almost ethereal fluidity.

The essence of a Lappalainen mobile lies in its final balancing act within their workshop, ensuring each piece achieves a perfect equilibrium. This meticulous process is what sets their mobiles apart, allowing them to add a subtle, dynamic presence in any space. Each mobile departs from Lappalainen’s workshop not just as a visually stunning piece but as a manifestation of the blend of artistic vision and skilled craftsmanship. As these kinetic sculptures find homes worldwide, Rivka and Wilfrid continue their journey, expanding the horizons of a traditional silversmith workshop into a global name in the art of mobiles.

Mobile Series by Lappalainen 2

Mobile Series by Lappalainen 3

Mobile Series by Lappalainen 4

Mobile Series by Lappalainen 5

Mobile Series by Lappalainen 6

Mobile Series by Lappalainen 7

Mobile Series by Lappalainen 8


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