Balancing Geometry – Floor Lamps & Wall Lighting by Square In Circle

Light can change the entire look of a room. Not only does it create a certain atmosphere, but in a way, it gives direction to the function of the space. Deciding which lights to use in an interior space is an important factor. Square In Circle, a London-based design studio, keep the importance of light design in mind with their range of geometric floor lamps. Designed through the use of different simple shapes and robust materials such as marble, metal and glass, this design studio uses a minimalist approach to create lamps that double as complete works of art.

Square in Circle works with different materials to experiment with how light can be displayed, as well as how a simple object such as a lamp can be seen as a work of art. The designers work on the principle of Bauhaus’ geometry combined with Gesamtkunstwerk, which translates from German to “universal artwork”. This allows the designers to draw influences from other forms of art, such as theatre, fashion and music. This can be seen in the way these functional artworks are constructed to create feelings of balance, proportion and movement.

Balance lamp is made from marble, brass, glass and metal. This elegant lamp features two light sources at either end of the black marble base. Its frosted glass and brushed brass globes give a soft, warm light to a room. This lamp is ideal to use in a work studio or office.

The Pill lamp is designed with brass, marble and glass. This minimalistic lamp has a clean and simple design that features an elliptical opaque glass diffuser that creates an open, ambient light. This clean and simple floor lamp is perfect for open areas such as a lobby or lounge.

The Marble and Wedge floor lamp is crafted from marble, metal and brass. This floor lamp features an incredibly clean and simple design with a solid marble base and two brushed brass and grey metal arms. The triangular wedge allows for a smaller, dimmed light. This beautifully designed lamp is perfect for smaller spaces such as a studio apartment. Overall a stunning selection that’s sure to add an abundance of character to any room.


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