Balancing Form & Function – Sculptural Objects by Ingrid Rügemer

German designer Ingrid Rügemer spent time gaining experience in several countries before returning to Munich to start her studio. In her work, she aims to produce creative tableware that is both functional and sculptural. She does this by using abstract shapes, unique textures, and a variety of materials throughout her body of work. The shapes themselves tend to have a sense of flow, such as spheres and ovals, but Ingrid also brings in hard lines when introducing a new material to each project. This creates a stark visual contrast that divides the softer shapes and more refined pieces.

Visually, my favorite part of this collection is Rügemer’s use of texture. In each piece she incorporates a porous pattern, accenting this with a sleek, shiny texture. These textures, as well as the materials on show, are true opposites. The shiny texture reflects light brilliantly, while the natural texture absorbs it, giving them an otherworldly glow. I love that each of these textures is created by hand. You can see the amount of care and attention to detail that goes into all of the work.

For the natural textures Ingrid uses a stoneware felt and a layered mesh-like structure of cotton threads. Each of these materials absorbs light, holding small rises and valleys that cast a shadow and add another dimension to the surface. The brushed metal, glass, or concrete, amplifies the glow of the natural portion by reflecting light that hits it. Carefully etched into the material, small markings give these materials more personality and character that might otherwise be interpreted as a purely industrial form.

Rügemer is a master of combining materials and textures to create visually appealing objects with a tactility about them. Her collection adds intrigue to any space it is in and goes a long way towards meeting her goal of merging sculpture with everyday forms.


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