Ingenuity of Design – Handcrafted Functional Wooden Objects by Hikiyose


I think one thing that tends to hold me back is my lack of knowledge in a specific field. I suppose I might know more than your average person, as I have surrounded myself with these objects for many years now, but many of the intricacies and techniques that the maker goes through are totally new to me. So now I’m trying my best to soak up everything I can, learning about the processes and how these objects are constructed. When it comes to the design process you can never have enough knowledge, it gives you whole new take on how to make functional objects and how they can stand the test of time.

So when I came across these woodworks in a video by Hikiyose it reminded me of the importance of making the most of the material that you have at hand, trying not to waste any part of it. The Odawara area of Kanagawa Prefecture is known for their wooden crafts, as their area is rich in trees and open space. Through the ingenuity of the designers at Hikiyose they have been able to utilise all of the parts of a flat piece of wood, cutting the wood in to circular sections so that they can be stacked and then sanded.

The video itself is Japanese, so many won’t be able to understand, but the visuals of the craftsman and the designer showing how the piece itself is constructed will give you enough of an understanding. It’s fascinating for me to see a two dimensional piece of wood become a full three-dimensional shape. More can be seen below.










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