Architectural, Interior & Furniture Inspiration at Al Que Quiere


Jean Royère, 1937

Looking for some wacky and wonderful inspiration in the design field? Look no further than Al Que Quiere, it’s been my go to site for a little while and I always seem to end up there through my reader. Although some of the designs and photographs are slightly off-beat for my personal style, you can’t help but admire and chuckle at some of these shots that are both vivid in colour and ironic in places.

Al Que Quiere is a design firm based out of Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Matthew Sullivan, the name of the company roughly translates to “for he who wants it”, a phrase which was lifted from a book of the same name by William Carlos Williams. They primarily make furniture, which is also sold on their website alongside other material related to the field of design, and their blog is where I pulled this imagery from that I’m showcasing today. You could probably scroll for hours, so I’ll warn you it might take you some time and it would be a site that’s worth bookmarking for a later date, that’s for sure.

Interestingly, I mention about my own style being more functional, well reading through the info on AQQ they believe design is often functionally minded whilst being ignorant of its associative, cultural cargo. They also believe that it’s nice when content and comfort meet. I’d recommend reading through their about page as it gives you an idea of their influences and the direction they are pursuing, something very unique and isn’t a model you see too often anymore.

So, I’ve picked out some different shots that caught my eye on their blog, specifically revolving around the architecture, interior and furniture fields. I’m a bit of a sucker for archive photos of old classic forms and shapes, you can learn a lot from the designers of the past who were very innovative in their methods and practices. Obviously they didn’t have the technology that we had today, so they’re were very much restraint in what they could do. Hopefully you’ll admire these and go over to view more on the AQQ website, there’s plenty more of where this came from!


Janine Abraham, 1956


Jean Royère, 1945


Dirk Jan Rol, 1955


Kisho Kurokawa, National Ethnology Museum, 1977


Charles Gwathmey, Bath


Sorgenfrei Interior


Jack Rogers Hopkins, Edition Chair


Gastone Del Greco and Luciano Grassi, House


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