Architectural Photography by Ippei Shinzawa


When it comes to architecture most just snoop around design firms websites, checking out the houses and admiring the images in different portfolios. But I seem to find myself looking more and more at the credits section where they associate each photographer with a specific house or collection of photographs, it gives me a chance to search up this creative and see what else they have on offer. Often the photographers selection is vast and isn’t just restricted to small thumbnails, they’re in a high-resolution format, as most photographers like to showcase their work in the best possible light.

One photographer I looked at today was Ippei Shinzawa, who’s documented a fair few houses over his short career as a freelance photographer. I was instantly struck by the style of house that he’s captured and also the way he frames them, often preferring wide angle shots where there’s no clutter and things are placed ‘just so’. I came across his name on the Hironaka Ogawa & Associates website, who have a fantastic array of architecture on show, you should definitely check it out as you’ll be in awe of their clean minimalistic aesthetic. It seems like Ippei is a perfect fit for them as a photographer, at the end of the day it’s his job to tell the story of the build in pictures.

The first thing I do when researching a photographer is check out their about page, it seems a common theme that all the best photographers have some sort of background in the subjects that they photograph themselves, this happens to be the case in this scenario. Ippei has studied both fashion at the London College of Fashion and also graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, each have obviously played a massive part in the way he captures these buildings and processes them in his mind. Learning to have a certain aesthetic or taste is actually a long drawn out process that requires many inspiring experiences, pretty much every post I’ve had the pleasure of writing here has shaped the way I think and feel about objects, forms and their origin in design. Hopefully some of this is rubbing off on you, and you’ll keep Ippei Shinzawa in mind as a possible inspiration for your next piece of work. You can view his portfolio, which has plenty more photos like this, on the link below.








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