Opposing Environments – Artworks by Maddie Sharrock & Brooke Holm

I think two creatives from different backgrounds coming together and collaborating on a project can bring forward some very interesting ideas and concepts that might not otherwise have been explored. Take for example this series by artist Maddie Sharrock and photographer Brooke Holm that explores Earth’s opposing environments through a collaboration of sculpture and photography.

Holm’s photography sits side by side nicely as Maddie Sharrock looks to explore the realm between control and chaos, where intentional creation and accidental evolution meet. She has achieved this through the usage of coloured concrete and CAD (Computer Aided Design) to carve out shapes that are both abstract and intriguing. By using CAD Maddie is able to bring a level of precision to her work that can’t be achieved by hand, contrasting the random imperfections that sit on the surface of the concrete thanks to the human method of construction.

Brooke Holm has depicted icy glacial crevasses and steaming geothermal vents, both of which compliment the earthy tones of the concrete and go hand in hand with the organic intricacies found in the sculpture. This is something I myself would like to experiment with the future. How can we break down barriers and bring together different creative pursuits so that we can free ourself of our own creative shackles. Maybe 2019 is the time to think about this in more detail and make real progress in our work. I’m glad these two artists are paving the way.



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