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I felt it was about time architecture joined our creative content this week, so I went on the hunt earlier this morning to find either a recent build or a short film that would provoke a little food for thought on the subject. I’d not intentionally headed out with the modernist era in mind but once again I found myself marvelling at the talents of an individual creating in this period, someone we’ve not highlighted here before which is a bit of a surprise, Spanish architect and designer Josep Lluis Sert. I think one of the main reasons Sert has slipped through the net is he’s not been given as much coverage as a few of his peers, like Le Corbusier, Gropius, and Neutra.

I came across this short film that looks to tackle this fact, portraying his life’s work and professional achievements, whilst seeking to correct the injustices of his exile to America in 1939. Below I’ve placed the teaser that was recently released, with the completed documentary to be shown on the 15th of March to mark the 30th anniversary of Sert’s death. To many he was one of the pioneering designers in Europe of his time, with close connections to Piccasso, Nivola, Le Corbusier and Gropius who all considered him a close friend. He also designed houses and studios for Calder, Georges Braque and Joan Miro.

Sert’s own creative journey began when he took up the study of architecture at the Escola Superior D’Arquitectura in his home city of Barcelona. Once he completed his course he setup his own studio before moving to Paris under the offer of a certain Le Corbusier, who he worked under for a year free of charge. Within the 30’s he created a series of several remarkable constructions of modern architecture, with the weekend house at Harraf, the central dispensary of Barcelona, and the master plan for the city amongst the most notable.

I’ve included several shots of his own home in Cambridge, Massachusetts above and below to give you a bit of an idea for the caliber of his work, the video beneath also serves further imagery in colour which I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy. The premise for the documentary has been based around this quote, “I have my life divided in chapters that carry the names of cities: Barcelona, Paris, New York, Boston a nomadic life with too many changes, but no dull moments”. Which I think leads us perfectly in to pressing play below. I’ll be keeping an eye out in March but if you like what you see here, I’m sure you will too.

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