Interior Spaces by Kouichi Kimura Architects


I’m often stumped when it comes to architectural websites, usually the photography’s not quite there in terms of size or quality, which means I can’t showcase it on the blog (my standards are pretty high). Last week I decided to start a Pinterest of our own, follow us here if you’re on Pinterest yourself, with my sole intention being to create a mood-board type set-up for the website. This would give me an ideal place to group photos from the blog and shop in to different categories, such as metal work or furniture design, and also pin images that haven’t made it in to the archive since they’re the ‘odd ones out’.

An unexpected use for Pinterest if the idea of research, and is probably something I should of latched on to a long long time ago. Earlier I took some time out to look through the architectural boards and there’s some fantastic individuals with great taste/style, and through these boards you can discover some firms that are new or obscure. Hidden gems are always the best! Today’s architect of interest is Kouichi Kimura, who owns a studio under the same name in Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan. He’s designed a wide variety of homes throughout his career, all of which have a particular ‘trademark’ style, but with each one bringing something different to the table in my opinion.

A few elements that I’ve been looking for as a necessity is the idea of texture, a mixture of colour, and the concept of playing with light throughout a build. To be honest Kouichi mainly designs open spaces that have light shining throughout, but in all he uses intriguing wall layering techniques, these not only add privacy in a contemporary setting they also slice up the light and create shadows and extra spaces within the home. This can be much needed to add personality and character to a modernist space, if not careful you’ll have something sterile and unpractical for a human to live in. I had the chance to explore his portfolio in full, so I picked out a variety of interior spaces that inspired me and hopefully showcased Kouichi’s style in a satisfactory manner. You really need to head that way as you’ll be blown away by the amount of great photos, they’re not short of them either. Enjoy, and happy hunting on Pinterest.










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