North Cascade Mountain House by Finne Architects

Browsing around today I stumbled across this idyllic home which can be found hiding away in Mazama, which is in the Methow Valley in Washington state. I’ve recently been reading a little into the architectural phrase genius loci which is the idea that all landscape designs should be adapted to the context in which they are located, so for me this beautiful home acted as the perfect visual definition.

One particular book I’ve taken a fondness too over the past few weeks is Terence Conran’s Eco house which explores the idea of sustainability within architectural design. This happens to be an integral point behind the work that the Finne firm does, so it was an obvious choice to bring one of their creations across into our growing archive. Through combining the two elements of creating with responsible materials and designing a home around it’s environment Finne present us with a real masterstroke of a house.

I’m in love with the subtle blending of natural textures here, the stone sits so cohesively against the warmth of the wood. It really does pain me to think about all of the harmful constructions we humans are responsible for so it’s refreshing to unearth a positive dwelling which is as equally eye pleasing as it is sustainable.

If you too are interested in design which is environmentally progressive I’d really recommend taking a browse through Finne’s portfolio, as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with what you’ll find.


  • Nils Finne, AIA

    Thanks for the post and your kind words about my work!
    One minor correction: the cabin is located in Mazama, WA, which is in the Methow Valley in Washington state. We currently have another very interesting project under construction in the same area.

  • Mark Robinson

    Thanks for the correction! I’ve now updated the article … keep up the good work …

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